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What does ELSA stand for?


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant.


What do our ELSAs do?


Our ELSAs work incredibly hard with individual children and small groups. This is normally for 8 weeks at a time and has a particular focus on the development of a particular skill like anger management.


What does ELSA work look like at Mansel Park Primary School?


We have five ELSAs at Mansel Park Primary School who support our children. Our ELSAs run individual sessions, circle of friends, friendship groups and much more.


Our ELSAs are also fantastic at supporting our children through times of change like transition, creating social stories and scripts to prepare and support our children in settling and enjoying school as much as possible.


How do we know our interventions are successful?


In KS1 and 2 we use  communication with the child, parent and class teacher to identify success and areas that still need to be developed. Further to this in KS2 we also use the Emotional Literacy Checklist to monitor the impact ELSA work has had on each individual child's skills.

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