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School Council

The School Council plays a vital role in developing the children’s leadership skills. Every new academic year each class votes for two class representatives. Their role is to represent the children’s voice in the school which is achieved through attending fortnightly meetings with members of staff and through regular class discussions. The children bring their class ideas to the meeting and give feedback about events that they have led.


School Council Staff:


Miss G Wilson & Miss J Iontton


School Council Members 2017/18:


Shauney Clouder (1A) & Erin Gibb (1A)

Layla Webb (1P) & Duwayne Uwah (1P)

Brooke Rawlings (2P) & Sam Sargent (2P)

Sienna Mitchell (2T) & Sonny Cooper (2T)

Fletcher Egan (3I) & Millie Chapman (3I)

Sean Wyse (3M) & Ruby Ferguson (3M)

Scarlet Penny (4J) & Kristopher Kay (4J)

Mason Biacsi (4H)

Cleona Hallett (5E) & Tyler Hunt (5E)

Jayden Hargood (5P) & Ashlea Wyatt (5P)

Kian Longland (6B) & Caitlin Henning (6B)

Callum Hillier (6OL) & Ella Skeats (6OL)



Highfield House ~ Minutes


Getting to know each other:


10.00- Part of Mansel, Holy family and Sinclair had arrived and started to play a get to know you game led by Miss Silverman. It was great for our children to get to know other school Councillors and develop their ability to talk out loud within the group.


10.30- Everyone had arrived and we started a school council bingo game so we could get to know everyone. It was really tricky to find someone who takes a bus to school, luckily Shauney was able to say he did so we could complete our bingo grid.


What qualities do we need to be on the school council?


We split into the groups for working in the day. This meant we had to work with children from all of our partnership schools to discuss the best qualities for a school Councillor. We were able to draw a school Councillor and annotate with the qualities we would need - you might see some in the pictures below. We had lots of ideas for the qualities we should demonstrate including: resilience, perseverance, kind, sharing, thoughtful, confident


Creating the rules:


We worked together to build a set of rules for all of the school Councillors to follow across our partnership schools to develop the consistency and approach.


Our school council action plan:


Finally we worked together to generate ideas for school improvement. Some of our focuses for the year will include: the shoebox appeal, becoming a school of sanctuary and the box project. The children felt it was important to make our schools safe and welcoming and a place where we understand and support other cultures and beliefs.


We also discussed how at Mansel park we would like to develop our playground and school dinner options so watch this space as we hope to make some positive changes this year.


Overall we had a fantastic day and the children from Mansel park were a credit to the school. They got involved in the day and suggested lots of great ideas. It was a super start to our school council journey.


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