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House competitions at Mansel Park have got off to a great start this year! Not only have we been competing in knowledge, sport and charity but the children have also gained house points for attendance and exemplary behaviour.  All of the children have shown a great attitude towards the new competitions and have all demonstrated a great deal of sportsmanship. For those of you who do not know we started in September 2018 with new house names! These names exemplify the qualities we like all children to possess when approaching new challenges in all they do. We have Team Positivity (green), Team Determination (yellow), Team Perseverance (blue) and Team Resilience (red). So what were the results?
Knowledge - Time table competition
The children worked really hard on their Sumdog homework and as such it was difficult to shortlist the children into the finalists who represented each house in the final assembly. The children were extremely quick with their times tables and we even had a teacher round where Mr Miller showed great sportsmanship when he did not win, gaining some extra points for his house. The joint winners of the competition were Resilience and Positivity.
Sport - Bleep test competition
The children competed over the term for the sport competition in their PE lessons. This was hard work but the children continued to persevere. The competition was based on the total number of winning students for each house. It was very close but Resilience just beat Determination to take home the win.
Charity - Shoe box appeal
Firstly a  huge thank you as we know that the children were very well supported by family and friends to create and bring in their shoeboxes. In total the school collected 164 boxes. That means 164 children will have a better Christmas this year. All staff were so proud of our children! There were joint winners for this with 48 shoeboxes each! Team Perseverance and Team Determination
For each competition houses are given relevant points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position. This is then added to their token totals, awarded for exemplary behaviour, and attendance totals to form an overall winner for the half term. As we have said to the children attendance really does matter. The overall team that won the half term, were in first place for attendance for 5 consecutive weeks. So the team that have won overall for Autumn 1 are.... Team Determination!!


Congratulations to all of the children for working so hard this half term - we look forward to seeing how the next half term unfolds.
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House Competition Updates - February 2019


The children have continued this half term to work hard on their house competitions. They have continued to compete in knowledge, sport and charity competition as well as gaining house points for their attendance and exemplary behaviour.


Knowledge - Mental Maths Competition

Firstly a huge thank you for supporting the children with practising for their mental maths competition. We have been so impressed by the children's efforts and can really see how their recall of number facts has improved as a result of their hard work! We had a number of children representing their houses in the competition and even had a teacher round in the final assembly. Whilst all children showed great sportsmanship, the team with quickest number knowledge was Team Resilience.


Sport - Football Tournament 

We have been supported by Superstar sports this half term in running a football tournament within PE lessons. The children have worked well in teams to demonstrate and apply their football skills within matches. Just like the world cup we had preliminary matches, quarter finals, semi-finals and a final. All children were fully committed to participating, as well as supporting their peers from the sidelines. The winning house was Determination.


Charity - Sponsored Skip

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our families with the contributions to the sponsored skip. Even though we had to postpone the skip, due to weather conditions, and it took part a week later the children remained focused and determined to complete their challenge. This was another fantastic display of teamwork as the children worked in a relay style to ensure the skipping ropes kept going all day. We raised a massive £865.30! The individual houses worked extremely hard to contribute to this whole school total. We can reveal that the total raised by each house was: Perseverance £125.22, Positivity £208, Determination £216.63 and Resilience £315.45. So the house that received the 1st points token were Team Resilience.


For each competition all houses are rewarded a relevant number of tokens for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. As you have seen in our previous updates the points from the competitions are not the only ones taken into account to calculate the overall winners. Attendance is an extremely important part of the puzzle! The winners of house attendance this half term was Determination.

This means that the overall winning house for the Spring term are Determination.


House points are added over the terms to so that we will have an overall winner at the end of the year. Currently Team Determination won Autumn 1, Team Perseverance won Autumn 2 and Team Determination have won the Spring 1 term. This means that the house winning overall at the moment is Team Determination We look forward to seeing how next half terms competitions affect the overall leader board! Well done everyone and keep up the hard work!

Sponsored Skip for the Honeypot Charity

Poitiers Care Charity


We are supporting the Poitiers Care Charity as part of our house competition this half term.


What do the Charity do?


Poitiers Care is a Registered Charity that delivers food to people who live in and around the wider Southampton area, and who would otherwise go hungry. Some of the areas that they cover are Maybush, Millbrook, Lordswood, Lordshill, Itchen, and Bitterne.


By supporting this Charity your donation will make a massive difference to vulnerable children and adults. This Charity works closely with Social Services and other agencies who refer clients to them for short-term help. They do this tirelessly all year round supporting the overlooked and desperate without prejudice.


Their clients include: women needing support and refuge; parents with learning and management difficulties; families in chronic debt; people with health problems and many, many others.


“If they are hungry, we will feed them. It’s as simple as that. “


Poitiers Care works closely with Social Services and other agencies who refer clients to them for short-term help and they can make up to 80 deliveries of food each week.


Poitiers Care in Ashurst is staffed by volunteers who carry out a range of activities, including: managing information; receiving and storing food; collating bags of food; delivering food bags and fundraising.


Poitiers Care Charity No. 1141270. Address: Poitiers Care, Cornerways House, School Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1LG


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