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At Mansel Park, we made poppies and wreaths. 


We had a short service on the playground to take a moment to remember all those who have fought in conflict over the years, and for those still doing so today.


We have created a display at the front of school to encourage others to take a moment to remember at this time of year.  


All of the men standing in a line 

just waiting to stop the German's who committed a crime

War is a blanket draped in red 

bloody thoughts running through my head.


The boat crashed against the dry land 

I thought to myself  'this won't be my last stand'

I ran to the bunker, men to my left and right 

we all put up a valiant fight

A man to my left threw me a grenade

into the bunker it went and there the enemy laid


I came home after surviving the war 

I couldn't help but remember my friends and the gore

We remember those who gave their lives

so we can ensure our children thrive. 


By Keegan, 6P



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