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Updated information re: Coronavirus


Monday 16th March 2020


Dear Parents and Families


UPDATE Coronavirus


In the rapidly changing situation we are finding ourselves in with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to update you once more on our school’s response.


We continue to follow the guidance provided by the Government and Public Health England.

This is rapidly changing and doesn’t always give specific guidance for certain situations, so I am making sure that any decisions made are in conjunction with our Chair of Governors. In addition, I am consulting with our partnership schools, as well as those within our locale.


The advice still stands that if you are displaying either a raised temperature, or a continuous cough, or both, that you should immediately self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days. This advice applies to everybody. If we notice that a child is displaying symptoms in school, we will call you to collect them and we will not expect to see them for at least 7 days. The normal process for notifying the school of absence applies but if you suspect the absence is related to Covid 19, please make that clear as we may need to ensure other children are informed or isolated.


Schools have been told to remain open and we are following that guidance. However, if we are in a position where we do not have enough staff to safely cover classes, then it may be necessary to enforce partial closure - in the same way we would if it were a snow day. 


Teachers may be absent for a number of reasons. They may be in a vulnerable group and could have been advised to self-isolate, they could be experiencing symptoms and have to self-isolate, or they could in fact have an illness such as vomiting and diarrhoea and need to be home sick. As a school we treat our all illness with confidentiality. Please do not be offended if we do not tell you why your child’s teacher is sick. Please be assured if ANY teacher, or member of our staff is ill with Covid 19, then your child and family will be traced though Public Health England and notified. This way we avoid false rumours and can assure all our families that we are following guidelines. In the event of staff absence, we will try to keep school open. However, we will not increase the risk to children by having larger classes. 


We are minimising large gatherings of people as much as possible. We are also trying to follow the advice of social distancing. As you can imagine, the advice to stay at least 2 metres away from others is impossible when working with children, but we can try to apply that advice in other areas of school life. As such:

  • Assemblies will not be taking place. (f your child has been ‘Star of the Week’ a text will still come home.

  • Parent Workshops are postponed.

  • Music on the Map concerts are postponed.

  • Parents’ Evenings are postponed. We will send a separate letter about the arrangements for this.

  • From Tuesday, all after school clubs will be cancelled in order to minimise the amount of time children are spending in school. This includes Breakfast and after school care

  • Residential and day trips remain ‘on’, we are reviewing this on a daily basis.


I understand your worry. Thank you so very much for your calm and steadfast support at this time.


Kind Regards



G.Montague.                               P.Lodge

Executive Headteacher          Senior Site Lead

Caring Learning Achieving
Mansel Park Primary School, Culver Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 9HZ, 02380 776162