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Year 1 blog entry!

Hello and welcome to Year 1! We had a brilliant start to the spring term and are now stuck into our new topics! Let’s take a look at what we have been learning about!



In writing we have been learning about Norman the Slug with a silly shell! We have loved looking at all the different objects that we could use as shells for the slug.  ‘The pizza was too cheesy’ (Isabella) , ‘The tambourine was too noisy’ (Betty-Ann), ‘The banana was too bendy’ (Marshall). We then chose the most perfect object for the shell! We had lots of different options… cookies, cello tape, donuts, footballs and the list continues!


We have now started writing our very own stories about the different objects. Some of us have innovated our writing with our own characters! We have transformed horses into zebras, lizards into chameleons and even into a dog into a lion!  We can’t wait to finish writing them and then publish the stories in our ‘publishing books’!



Our new topic in Maths this term is Multiplication! We have been working on making equal groups to help us to solve the questions! Our counting focus has been counting in 2’s and 5’s as this helps us with our speedy multiplication. We have been using the method of hoops and dots to solve the questions… here are our steps to success!

 ‘First we read the number sentence and think of our stem sentence… there are 4 equal groups of 5’ Jack


‘Next we need to make 4 groups… we can draw circles for that!’ Yasmina


‘We need to put 5 dots in each circle’  Fleur


‘Then we can count in our 5’s … 5, 10, 15, 20’ Elsie


‘The answer is 20’ Dawson



In science we have been looking at animals! We have really enjoyed this topic because we have loved to learn about the different classifications of animals. We first of all looked at the different features of animals, here are some examples…


‘A fish has gills’ Koban

‘A frog has webbed feet’ Kaley

‘A cat has whiskers, claws and fur’ Ella


We then learnt about the different groups to classify animals into!

‘Mammals have fur or hair, lungs, 4 legs or 2 legs and 2 arms’ Alaya-Mai

‘Did you know a dolphin is a mammal?’ Alex

‘A reptile has scales… like a snake’ Aiden

‘Another type of group are birds, they have feathers, beaks and lay eggs’ Mary-Jane

‘Fish have tails, gills and fins’ Evie-Rose

‘Amphibians can live in land and water, like a frog!’  Darlia


Eco focus

As part of our Eco focus we went onto the field to plant trees! We were able to plant 4 saplings which will hopefully grow throughout our time at Mansel Park Primary! We really enjoyed planting the saplings! We can’t wait to see how big they are when we are in Year 6!

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