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Our History Learning

This term, we have been Egyptologists, following in the footsteps of Howard Carter to answer our big question of “How civilised were the Ancient Egyptians?”. We used our inference skills to see if we could infer what the Ancient Egyptian artefacts were and why they may have been important to the Ancient Egyptians.


Here’s what we have learned so far…


“We looked at the artefacts. There were special things like jewellery and golden treasures which were special to King Pharaoh.” Eve-Jean


“We learned that there were 30,000 to 100,000 people who helped build the pyramids. This included slaves and the soldiers who supervised them. We discovered that their life was dreadful because they got bossed around their whole lives.”  - Michael


“If I was a slave, I would feel angry because people don’t enjoy slavery because it is hard work and exhausting!” Lucy


We can’t wait to find out more about the Egyptians and their lives throughout the rest of the term.



Our Science Learning

In science, Year 3 explored forces and magnets.  We have enjoyed using magnets in experiments to see what magnets are attracted to. Each experiment will build up to creating a Science Fair activity, that we will invent, that focuses on magnetic forces. So far…


“I have enjoyed seeing how you can make magnets float in water and the affect this has. We discovered that a magnet will spin in the water until it finds the north and south points.” Rohen


“We got magnets and used them to see if an item was sticking. This means it is magnetic.” Dolly


Year 3 have enjoyed learning about magnets and can not wait to create activities for the science fair.



Our Maths Learning

We have recently been learning all about money - recapping the different British coins and discussing how they are used in real life. As well as this, we have learned different ways to count money and make different amounts (which involved applying our addition and subtraction skills). The children have enjoyed this learning, here’s why:


“I liked to learn about money because it is fun and will help me when I get to go shopping.” Albie


“I liked that we are learning about money because then when we are older we know how to work out the price of something.” Sophie


“I like counting money to see how much I have got” Oliver


“I like drawing around the money to help me remember how much they are.” Rory


We have also been learning about bar models in maths and how they can help  


Our Writing Learning


Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl. We have used the farmers as a stimulus to create our own mean farmer. We have explored how to use a range of appropriate vocabulary when portraying a character. We have built up our interesting features bank to support our writing, which includes using adjectives, fronted adverbials, ‘The more, the more’ and ‘Last word. First word (yoked). One of our favourite parts of our interesting features bank is using ‘show me, don’t tell me’ where we used drama to act out the different ways the characters might be feeling. Here are our thoughts…


“I enjoyed creating my own nasty, horrible and selfish farmer because I could be creative with my ideas.” Phoebe


“I created Farmer Bonnie who was despicable and aggressive. She was similar to the farmers from the story.” Millie


“Here’s my favourite sentence from my final piece: ‘Coming from his belly was a wave of rumbling sounds like a dinosaur’s roar.’ ” Kylan


“I enjoyed publishing my final piece because I felt proud when everyone enjoyed my work. My favourite part is: He will stare into your soul with his wintery cold, blue eyes and his teeth are covered in fresh, thick blood straight from a cow!” Lorelei


Following this exciting start to the term, we can't wait to continue on our learning journey and apply this within another unit where we will be creating a ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ blog from the point of view of the farmers.

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