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Year 2 - Marwell

Year 2 had an amazing time on their trip to the Rainforest, at Marwell zoo. They couldn’t wait to get back to the classroom and discuss all of the incredible plants and animals that we learnt about. In our Geography this half term we are looking at the layers of the Rainforest and the different climates. We have been comparing the Rainforest to the desert and looking at the different plants and animals found there.  It was brilliant for the children’s to put we have been learning to life. In science we have been comparing the plants found in the Rainforest with the plants found in the park in England. We conducted an experiment in the Rainforest and completed observational drawings of the different plant types we discovered. 


We started off our day looking at the different animals, followed by a workshop all about the Rainforest. We held a stick insect found in the jungle and even got to stroke a snake! The children absolutely loved walking through the tropical house and experiencing what it would be like to be in this hot, damp climate. Seeing the sloth peek his head out from the tree was a highlight of the day!

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