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What are we learning this half term?

Spring 2 letters home

Spring 1 letters home



Next week we will be junk modelling a town. Please could you bring in 'junk' e.g. cereal boxes, clean bottles, cardboard. They more we have the more imaginative the children can be with their designs!

Our learning journey...

Butterflies class love reading!

Learning plurals


We are learning about changing nouns from singular to plural by adding an 's'. This is a game we have been playing. Role the dice and move the counter to a word. Then copy the word and change it to plural.


Next week, we will be looking at nouns that require us to add 'es' and seeing if we can sort between adding 's' or 'es'.



We have been learning to tell the time. We know that the long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand. We can tell the time at 'O'clock' and 'half past' each hour.

What time do you eat breakfast?

What time do you go to bed?

What time does school start and end?

Southampton- Spring 1


Our topic this half term is Southampton. We have just finished writing leaflets ready to send to the Smith family. They are thinking about moving to Southampton and wanted to know what it is like to live here.


We have learned that there are lots of buildings in Southampton such as houses, shops, doctors and schools. We also learned that there are lots of fun things to do like swimming, bowling, cinemas and parks.

Measuring length

This half term in maths, we are learning how to measure. We started this half term by measuring length. We talked about the words longer, shorter, and taller and used these terms to order towers and ourselves.


We then learned what a metre is and began measuring things using a metre ruler. We found all sorts of things around the classroom that are longer than a metre. Maybe you could test us at home?

Measuring length 10/1/17

Please can we remind parents to send in sensible shoes for P.E. 

Every Wednesday morning the coaches take Year 1 out onto the field which is sometimes a little bit wet. If children have socks, trainers/plimsoles this ensures they can join in with P.E. safely and not have wet feet. 

Thank you for your support.

Autumn Walks

In science, we have been learning about the seasons. We have talked about how the weather changes and Autumn's effect on plants and trees. We have learned that during Autumn, some trees lose their leaves ready for Winter. We have also learned that some trees do not lose their leaves and these are called 'evergreen trees'. Here are a few photos of us finding evidence that it is Autumn.

History homework

Year 1 were the lucky winners of the gardening club competition!

Gardening club competition

Still image for this video

Phonic picnic


As a well done for all the hard work the children have put into their phonics, we held a celebration picnic on Friday - The children had a great time.

Lost jumpers


Are you missing your child's jumper? We have lots of lost jumpers in our classrooms without names! If your child is missing a jumper, please ask a member of the year 1 team who will be happy to show you our collection. 

Phonics screening week!


This week is phonics screening week. We are incredibly proud of all the progress the children have made, regardless of what they will score this week.

The children will be given 40 words to read and will be given a score out of 40. Currently, the pass mark has not been announced. As soon as we know their results we will send a letter home. Last year this letter went out with the end-of-year reports. Best of luck Year 1!

Phonics screening check


A huge thank you to all the children in Year 1 for their continued effort and excitement in preparation for the phonics screening check. Thank you for coming into school early and attending the after school phonics club on a Monday - these will continue up until after all the screening checks have been completed.


We would like to remind parents that the test is completed in a calm and relaxing environment. At the time the test is being carried out, the children believe that they are still practising and are under no pressure. Last year the children came back to the class extremely proud and happy.


We are really proud of the progress the children have made in their phonics so far. Here are some ways you can help them at home:


  • read with your child as often as possible.
  • Ask what sounds they are recapping. 
  • encourage your child to read and write as often as possible using their phonics. 
  • Play phonics games online e.g.


Any questions regarding phonics and the phonics screening check please speak to a member of the Year 1 team.


Thank you for your continued support. 




This week Year 1 have been looking at measuring, we have been using multilink to measure classroom items and we have been looking at capacity. 

Phonics workshop powerpoint


Year 1 have had the exciting opportunity to grow their own sunflowers this half term. We will be watching them grow over the next few weeks before taking them home.

Danny Compass


As you may have heard, Year 1 have been receiving letters from our friend 'Danny Compass'. Currently, he is in China. He sent us a book called 'The Magic Paintbrush'. We really enjoyed reading the story and writing letters to Danny telling him what has happened in the book. He was really impressed with their use of capital letters for names.


This week, Danny has sent us the story of 'The Willow Pattern'. He has challenged us to create our versions based on Mansel Park Primary School. We will be looking carefully at the design on the plates as well as learning about poetry.

Willow Pattern Plate

Home reading


This half term we will be using guided reading books from the library during our reading jobs rotation. These books will not be sent home but we will send other books home for your child to read to an adult.


Remember, every time your child reads at home (story, magazine, leaflet, poem, DVD case etc.) you can sign their reading card. Every completed card handed in is a an extra chance to win the prize of a trip to Waterstone's to buy your own book!


This half term Year 1 will be rewarding every child that hands in 5 or more reading cards. How many will you hand in?

Welcome Back!


Welcome back Year 1. We hope you had a lovely relaxing holiday and are ready for an exciting Summer term. Topic letters will be going home this week to tell you about this half term's learning.


Remember, your half term Easter phonics books need to be in by Friday 15th to receive your award on Monday!


If you have any questions feel free to ask any member of the Year 1 team.

Assembly video

Still image for this video
A huge thank you to those parents that attended the phonics workshop yesterday - we hope we have given you lots of ideas about how to support you child at home.

Phonics workshop - drop in


Monday 14th March at 3:15


Another chance to come and speak to the Year 1 team about the upcoming Year 1 phonics test. Pop in and have a go with some of the resources that your children use in class. 





Ducks in the bath

Still image for this video
Over the weekends the ducks went home with Mrs Pike - They enjoyed their daily swims in the bath!

7 ducklings!


Wow! World book day was so exciting that another egg hatched. That is 7 in total! We have moved them out of the incubator and into their brooder box. We will post some photos up tomorrow when they are a bit more settled.

More ducklings!


Earlier this morning Mrs Pike and Miss Palmer looked into the incubator and 2 more had hatched - that makes a total of 6 so far!


We are going to give them the day to dry out before moving them into the brooder box where they will live until the farmer collects them. 

Morning job


Every morning, when the children come in they have a 'morning job' to complete. Usually this is handwriting but this term we have introduced a maths activity. They have to find as many ways as possible to make the number in the middle. They can use addition or subtraction. Here is an example below.

Morning job

Early this morning Miss Palmer and Mrs Pike patiently waited and watched one of the eggs hatch. Here is a video of our first little hatchling...

hatchling 1

Still image for this video

Something is hatching!


Early this Monday morning Miss Palmer and Mrs Pike have seen a small crack in one of the eggs and it is wriggling like mad! What could it be? How long will it take to hatch?


Unfortunately, due to the incubator, we cannot get a picture that shows the crack in the egg but keep looking because as soon as something hatches we will be posting pictures. 

What an egg-citing start to this half term. We have had 10 eggs delivered. What could they be? What animals hatch from eggs?


The eggs are due to hatch on Tuesday so watch this space as we will update regularly. The children will use their learning from science to classify what has hatched and explain how we should look after them. 





How are you all going with your half term phonics challenge?


Holiday challenge!


We have set Year 1 a holiday challenge. Each child has been given a phonics booklet to take home. The booklet is made up of lots of phonics activities and sheets so they can practise every day!


There is a surprise gift for every child who completes the booklet and brings it in to show their teacher during the first week back.


 The Year 1 team!

Phonics workshop


A huge thank you to all the parents and children who attended the phonics workshop. We hope you gained lots of ways to help your child in preparation for the Year 1 phonics test. As always, if you have any questions or queries feel free to ask a member of the Year 1 team!

A New Town


The focus of this half term has been 'Southampton'. Children have been learning about the buildings, bridges and fun things to do in Southampton and have written their facts up into a report. Their aim was to inform the Smith family all about Southampton to persuade them to move here.

Miss Palmer is really impressed with McKenzie Talbot, Tyler-James Corkindale, Harry Axton and Albie-Lee Woolgar who have all made progress in their writing this half term by including finger spaces and using their phonics.

Mrs Pike is really impressed with Jack Van-Toor, Ethan Noyce, Aiden Collins and Roamany McCarthy for their Captain Can-Do attitude and perseverance.

Towns and bridges!


Year 1 have been learning all about the buildings and bridges in Southampton. We brought junk into school and were challenged to make a building and a bridge using the materials we brought in. This was a really successful lesson as it let the children experiment with Joining techniques as well as demonstrate a Captain Can Do attitude.


Once the buildings were made the children had to place them on a giant map to create a town. They were challenged to explain why they placed their buildings in certain places e.g. They put the school near the houses so the children did not have to walk far.

Home learning project exhibition 


 There are some wild things going on in Year 1 this week - There seems to have been a collection of 'Wild Things' that have joined us.


Come and join us on Friday at 2:15 to view our Where the Wild Things Are exhibition. 

Enterprise week


Next week is enterprise week and Year 1 will decide, plan and make something to sell at the Christmas fair. Watch this space for more information!

Where the Wild Things Are


This half term we have been writing our own Wild Things stories adding in a character to go with Max on his adventure. The children all really impressed Mrs Pike and Miss Palmer adding in all the things we have been learning that make our stories more exciting. 

Parrot words

Throughout Year 1 your child will be learning 'parrot words'. These are either high frequency words that all children are expected to read by the end of Year 1 or tricky words (words that do not follow the rules of phonics). Some children will be covering parrot words as part of their reading rotation and will be tested each week to track their progress.

In order to support your child's learning we will be sending these parrot words home for them to practise daily . Please note: Not all children will be given parrot words so please don't panic if your child does not bring them home yet.


As always, feel free to ask any member of the Year 1 team if you have any questions.

Our topic this half term is 'Where the Wild Things Are'

What are we learning about this half term?

The children are beginning to settle into the new Year 1 routine. They have impressed all their teachers and have been working their socks off! On Monday we were left a clue written on a bone. We went on a bone hunt around the school which led us to a book called 'Funnybones'. We have been learning the story and can re-tell it using actions. Well done Year 1, keep up the hard work!

Welcome to Year 1!

End of Year 1 movie

Still image for this video
Wow! It has been one busy year. The children have worked really hard and we couldn't be more proud of them. Here are a few highlights of the year. Enjoy.

                                     Art Week


The children in Year 1 have also learnt about India and China this week - They had the chance to visit other classrooms in KS1 and learn about these countries; there has been a chance to paint, make masks and experiment with chalk. 


The work will be on display in our Art Exhibition from 2:30 this Friday in the school hall. 

         Art Week 


For Art Week Year 1 looked at Morocco and Moroccan art today. They all had the opportunity to design and paint a tile. They also used an atlas, a globe and a giant map to find out which continent Morocco is in. We answered the register and said goodbye in Moroccan and looked into the religion of Islam. You can view the finished artwork on Friday in our art exhibition from 2:30 in the hall.


Where will the children learn about tomorrow? 

                                       Wonka Cakes


Today Year 1 make Wonka Cakes as part of entrerprise week to sell at the Summer Fair. We had lots of fun mixing and creating cakes.


Come and try on our stall on Saturday!

Wonka Cakes



As a well done for all the hard work the children have put into their phonics, we held a celebration picnic on Friday - The children had a great time and those that attended every after school phonics club also received a certificate presented by Mrs Olney. 

Well done Year 1!

The children have been describing the characters and settings using adjectives and similes. We have made the characters using different materials to present our writing. Our next steps will be to write our own version on the story.


Character descriptions

Today we were left a chocolate bar and a book by a mystery person.


We decided that it must have been left by Mr Willy Wonka! because inside the chocolate there was a golden ticket asking us to read the story! 


What exciting challenges will Mr Wonka set over this half term?

Anansi dance

Still image for this video
Year 1 have learned the Anansi song with actions.

Phonics After School Club 


Well done to those children that attended the after school club on Thursday. All Year 1 children are invited to stay behind on Thursdays for the phonics club. Parents can come along from 3:30 to join their children with their phonics or ask any questions that they may have about phonics and reading.




This half term PE has changed to a Wednesday. PE on Friday will stay the same. 


PE kits are needed in school on both these days. 

Phonics revision


Starting from Tuesday 5th May the Year 1 doors will be open at 8.40 for children to come in early and complete some phonics revision.

Danny Compass


This half term Year 1 have been receiving e-mails from Danny Compass who is travelling the world but needs our help. First he was in South Africa where he heard a traditional tale called 'Anansi'. He asked us to find the song and dance to Anansi and send him a video so he could teach his new friends. It was brilliant! Next he asked us for help because he is travelling to China tonight and did not know what to pack. Year 1 have been using non-fiction books and leaflets to research China. We have found out that the weather in Summer is hot but rainy so Danny needs to pack a raincoat. We have also found out about the Great Wall of China, Giant pandas and monsoons! We can not wait for Danny's next e-mail!

Well done!

Well done to every child that completed their challenge books for Phonics. All the teachers are really impressed. We hope you enjoy your stencils and pencils (see what we did there?). Keep up the good work!

Visit from CBeebies!


Key stage 1 were very lucky today when Professor Poet and First Officer Ditty blasted into our hall to collect some rhyming pairs to fuel their ship. The Rhyme Rocket was in orbit above our school whilst we thought up some rhyming pairs for the words: door, hat, cake and lots more. A huge thank you to First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet for coming to visit us.

Easter challenge.


How are you getting on with Mr Parker's Easter phonics challenge? Mrs Pike and Miss Palmer are really looking forward to seeing your completed booklets - There's still time!


Lost jumpers?


Are you missing your child's jumper? We have lots of lost jumpers in our classrooms without names! If your child is missing a jumper, please ask a member of the year 1 team who will be happy to show you our collection. 



Mr Parker's Easter challenge!


Mr Parker has set Year 1 an Easter challenge. Each child will be given a phonics booklet to take home. The booklet is made up of lots of phonics activities and sheets so they can practise every day!


There is a surprise gift for every child who completes the booklet and brings it in to show their teacher during the first week back.

You can find the booklet below if you need a spare!


Happy Easter from the Year 1 team!

Today year one were set the challenge of making a fruit salad! They look yummy!

What a busy day we have had in year 1 today!


Firstly, a big well done to all of year 1 for their fantastic assembly this morning, and thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch. They did you proud!


The home learning projects were amazing and we hope you enjoyed talking to the children about their learning this half term.


On a sad note the farmer came in today to take the ducks home, however she cheered us up by bringing in 3 lambs. We were lucky enough to bottle feed them and ask questions.


And finally, well done to all the children who took part in the phonics workshop and showed off their amazing phonics skills. We hope we have given you lots of ways to support your child in preparation for the phonics test.

Thank you for attending the phonics workshop. Here is the Powerpoint with useful links and apps to help your child with phonics.


Still image for this video
The ducks have arrived!!!

News flash!


The children in year 1 have named the ducklings today.


Duckling 1 is called Quacky

Duckling 2 is called  Flappy

Duckling 3 is called Dappy


Duckling 4 is called John!

First swim

Still image for this video
Tonight after school the ducks had their first swim - as you can see they took to it like a duck to water!

Farm Trip


On Tuesday Year 1 spent half a day at the farm. We were all really excited to see all the animals. We got to feed the goats, cow, chickens and pigs and learned all about how to look after them. We helped the Farmer collect the chicken eggs and we spoke to the Turkey, ducks and geese. Later we were all very brave and met a corn snake, bearded dragon, blue tongued skink, hedgehog, chicks and a tortoise. Most of us, who were really brave, got the opportunity to stroke and hold these little animals. We learned about the importance of washing our hands to keep ourselves and the animals safe.


The farmer, Miss Palmer and Mrs Pike were really impressed with our behaviour and listening skills. We learned lots about farm animals and had a really good day. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the people at Down To Earth Community Farm and for the parents who came on the trip with us.   

Can you think of names for our ducklings?

Duckling number 4


Once again when Mrs Pike and Miss Palmer arrived at school there was another duckling in our incubator. It was very fluffy and was moved straight into the brooder box with its brothers and sisters!


Duckling 4

Duckling 3


Another duckling has hatched over night - That makes 3!


It is keeping warm in the incubator and will be transferred into the brooder box later today once its feathers are dry!

duckling 3

Duckling 2!


It's hatch day and another duckling has hatched. He will spend the day drying off and having a nap before joining Duckling 1, who is chirping for him,  in the brooder box this evening.

Duckling 2

Eggciting day in Year 1


When Mrs Pike and Miss Palmer arrived at school yesterday a duckling had hatched - A day early! 


The duckling spent all day in the incubator and was moved into the brooder box in the evening. 

Duckling 1

6 days until the big hatch!

We are getting really excited in Year 1 as the eggs are starting to move showing us they are getting ready to hatch. They are due to hatch on Wednesday 11th March so watch this space to see how they get on.

Eggciting surprise

Today a farmer brought 10 duck eggs for us to look after. The ducklings are due to hatch in 13 days - So watch this space!
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