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There are two classes in year 3, one is called the Owls and the other is the Kestrels.  Owls' teacher is Miss Morrison (3CM) supported by Mrs D and

Kestrels is taught by Mrs Barr (3LB) supported by Miss T.


PE is currently on a Friday afternoon and we would encourage all children to leave their PE kits in school please.


We know it is a big change for pupils coming from KS1 to KS2 and we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Any problems please see your child's teacher at the end of the school day.


Summer 1 - What are we learning about this term?

Spring 2 - What are we learning about this term?

Science week, looking at change.

Busy hunting for clues about New Forest animals!

Spring 1 - What are we learning about this term?



In year 3, we have been really busy this week baking our own bread! We started off investigating yeast. We placed a yeast and sugar solution in a bottle of warm water and added a balloon to the top of the bottle. We were so surprised when the balloon expanded! We found out that this was because of the carbon dioxide the yeast was releasing as it absorbed the sugar.


We then went on to taste a variety of different breads so that we could choose a favourite! Some of us preferred pitta bread while others liked the crusty baguette! Finally, we used all of this knowledge to bake our own fresh bread! After carefully measuring all of our ingredients, we mixed flour with yeast and sugar to form a dough. We then left our bread to prove for 2 hours before placing it into the oven to bake.


Watch this space- photos soon to follow!



Year 3 have come back from Christmas with a very exciting new topic based on the book 'Gangsta Granny' by David Walliams. Towards the end of this half term they will be going to see a performance of Gangsta Granny live on stage.


They have been working hard on learning new grammar skills to support their writing and currently have written a diary entry about Ben's Granny who has "a windy bottom" and makes him eat cabbage soup!



Autumn 2- What are we learning about this term?

We have created a maths game to improve our knowledge of place value!

Autumn 1- What are we learning about this term?

Bananas in my Ears!


The children have LOVED learning about poetry by Michael Rosen and have particularly enjoyed seeing him on YouTube.


One of our favourite Michael Rosen poems is called 'What If'. We have started to create our own poems based on this. We have had some amazing ideas from "What if everything was made from chocolate?" to "What if we lived in a Minecraft world?"



September 2016

What an exciting start to the year we have had.  Already we have been aboard the Titanic and eaten in style, gone on a fact finding mission and learnt how to use the climbing frame in the KS2 playground!


We have completed a science day where we have studied forces and have undertaken our own investigations, just like real scientists.


We've studied a book called Wolves which all the children enjoyed and got very excited about. We had some excellent prediction and discussion  based on the book.



Going Greek Day!

Year 3 looked splendid dressed up as Ancient Greeks for their Going Greek day.  The costumes were put together as part of their home school learning projects.  Many children also found out information about ancient Greeks and presented it as booklets or posters.  Many thanks to parents who supported children with their home learning and who came into school to see it all.

During the day we tried out Greek food such as pita bread, hummous, olives, feta cheese and Greek yogurt and honey.  We also had to crack a code round the school, using the Greek alphabet.  Finally we started designing our Greek pots.

Year 3 visit Minstead Study Centre

Year 3 had a trip into the forest at Mnstead Study Centre.  We learnt about different flowering plants and their life cycles.  We made our own sculptures of flowering plants out of natural materials. We also planted some mystery seeds and are observing them to see what they may germinate and grow into!

Spring 2 2016 Year 3 Topic Letter

Year 3 have been rocking in their writing this term with our topic of Secrets of the Stones!  First through research and scientific experiments, they found out about the three different types of rocks and then produced a magazine page, for a children’s magazine about rocks and fossils.  


Next the children turned their attention to Stonehenge and debated why it might have been built. Figuring out to move a tyre across the playground, using people power and wooden rollers have allowed the children to explore how the stones might have been moved.   They then wrote some instructions for bronze age people on how to move the mighty Sarsen stones to Stonehenge.  Finally we ended this topic with a trip to see Stonehenge for ourselves!

Some of our amazing art work this half term has included clay bas relief.  Based on buildings from Millbrook... see if you recognise any of them!
Wow, it's been such a busy half term.  Year 3 spent approximately 3 weeks studying a text called the Garden which was explored through a variety of activities including drama and a real tent on the field!  All children were enjoying the experience and have produced some creative writing of their own based on the story.

We had some brilliant home learning projects all about the Titanic.  A massive thank you to all the parents who helped their child!  Some amazing efforts.


We enjoyed our afternoon of showing off the projects and thank you to parents who came to support.

On Wednesday 7th October the whole school took part in "No Pens Wednesday".


This meant we weren't able to use any sort of pen for the WHOLE day - including the teachers!


We decided to work on co-ordinates, have a look at the photos to see what we did!


Tapi (the new carpet store near B&Q) gave us some squared lino to use and this enabled the pupils to complete co-ordinate tasks practically.  They were very enthusiastic and learnt a lot.


No Pens Wednesday

Year 3 have been very busy so far this half term. 


In addition to the usual English and Maths we have been looking at forces in Science and rules in RE.  We’ve already been on a school trip to the Seacity Museum and have been busy creating collages of ourselves.


Our topic, the Titanic, has been engaging all the pupils and you should ask them what they know as they have really impressed me.  Our visit to the Seacity Museum was great fun.  Some pupils were allowed to dress up and all of the were able to have a go at a variety of different activities including smelling disgusting things which would’ve been on the ship!

What are we learning about this half term?

On Thursday 7th May 2015, 3CW visited the Boulangerie Victor Hugo in Southampton.  Below are some excerpts from the 'Trip Advisor' reviews that we wrote on our return.

We went to the Boulangerie Victor Hugo, it was super, amazing and outstanding. [RJS]  The French cafe looked very French and old fashioned and the chairs, which are comfortable, are superb to sit on. [CHill] You can sit in 3 different chairs you can sit high up on a bar stool, you can sit in a comfortable leather chair like a throne or on a white metal garden chair. [CHen] I couldn't help but be impressed by the delightful atmosphere, delicious food and the fantastically friendly, superb service. [ES]


We drank hot chocolate and we ate a croissant and it was delicious and tasty and it looked glazed, golden and brown. [MG] The chocolate, which was very sweet, was tasty and warm for your throat. [CCO] The croissant was buttery and amazing.  It made me have sticky fingers.  The food was fulfilling and yummy in my tummy. [DW]  I would recommend raspberry jam with the croissants. [JG]  I recommend you try the pain au chocolat because it is outstandingly tasty. When you start to eat it you can't stop. [TC]  It has layers of pastry round a tube of dark chocolate. [CHen]


I recommend this restaurant to every one who likes croissants, hot chocolate and pain au chocolat. [FF]  I would recommend it because it's full of decoration and you will think you are in France.  [CF]

Year 3 Visit Stonehenge

Both Year 3 classes had fantastic days out at Stonehenge.  We walked round the stone circle in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors and saw the Bluestones and the mighty Sarsen stones for ourselves.  


Additionally, we visited the museum at the Stonehenge visitor centre where we saw ancient objects such as jewellery, pottery, tools and human remains.  We had a go  to see if we were strong enough to move a mighty Sarsen stone.  We weren't!!


Finally, we explored the inside of an ancient Neolithic House, to help us imagine how Neolithic people lived 4,500 years ago.


Year 3 Gospel singers 

Year 3 had the pleasure of working with Ray Sidney, a Gospel Singer from Los Angeles.  They learnt several songs with him in the morning and then performed in the afternoon in front of the rest of the school! A fantastic time was had by all as you can see from the clip below! 

Year 3 performing with Ray Sidney

Still image for this video

Moving the Stones

We have been learning about Stonehenge and thinking about how the mighty Sarsen stones were taken there.  

We used a tyre and wooden rollers to work this out in the school field.  We also had a go with mini rocks and rolling pins.  Now we are writing instructions so other people can learn how the stones were moved.



Year 3 Geologists

Year 3 have been geologists investigating different types of rocks and their properties.


We used a Mars bar to understand how metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks are formed.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to eat it!


In layers like Sedimentary rock.Heated like igneous rocks.Pressed and heated like metamorphic rocks.


We tested how hard various rocks are using different implements to scratch their surfaces.  We found granite was very to scratch but talc was easy.



We also investigated what happened to different rocks in water.  Nothing happened to the granite, but sandstone gave off lots of bubbles as the air came out of the little holes in it.





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