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Mrs Ball and Mrs Thomas work in Toucan's class.

Miss Stevens and Mrs Taylor work in Parrot's class.

Information for Parents


Future events ...

This half term (Spring 1) we are learning about the Tudors. We will be studying the book Treason by Berlie Doherty and learning about Tudor life.


 To assist with our learning, Year 5 will be going on a trip that will help us understand what life was like as a Tudor ...


More information coming soon!

Roald Dahl dress up day 2016



28.3.16 – BUTTERFLIES. Our fist butterfly hatched today at 9.00am. Luckily, I (Miss Shrubsole) got to see it happen and it was all very quick! I noticed the chrysalis moving a lot then the butterfly simply crawled out. It looked as though it was bleeding but it was actually the ink from its wings, where they were still wet.  It made its way over to the side of the butterfly garden (its wings were still closed at this point) crawled up the side and opened its wings for the first time.

After two hours, when its wings had fully developed it began flying. By this time twenty more butterflies had emerged and were also beginning to fly. I gave them oranges and moved them into the sun and they began to sunbath. 

At 3pm, I opened the butterfly garden outside so those butterflies, who were ready to begin their new life, could fly out into my garden. 


23.3.16 – Nearly all of the caterpillars have formed their Chrysalis so they are now in the butterfly garden ready to become butterflies. Unfortunately, we will not be in school to see this final stage of their life cycle due to Easter Holidays. Miss Shrubsole is going to take them home and will take pictures for us to see. 


21.3.16 – After arriving back at school from the weekend, we found the caterpillars in the ‘J’ shape. We are expecting them to start turning into their Chrysalis’ over the next few days. 


Year 5 Sports Ambassadors

The year 5 Sports ambassadors recently completed a training course in order to run their own club. The club will be based on 'Change for life', helping children at Mansel Park to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to become more active.

They had to decide the name of their club and create an action plan as to what their club will aim to do.

The club will be starting in the summer term so please keep your eyes peeled for details to follow!!








18.11.16 - The Caterpillars are now 5cm long. They have begun to look quite hairy and have silk skirts on. This is a sign that they are preparing to turn into chrysalis'. When they are ready, they will climb to the top of their habitat and hang in a 'J' shape.  


11.03.16 - The Caterpillars are now 2.5cm long. They are growing very quickly and eating a lot! We can see that they are beginning to spin silk, which looks a bit like a spider web!

Living things in the classroom!

As part of our Science focus; Life cycles, Year 5 had some insects delivered in the form of caterpillars. We will be observing their life cycle (or as the year 5 Scientists have been calling it; metamorphosis) we hope by the end of this term we will have 33 butterflies. Currently (8.3.16), the caterpillars are 5mm long, very wriggly and look more like maggots! We came to the conclusion that these caterpillars must have just hatched from their eggs (the first stage of their metamorphosis). We will be carrying out measurements and formal observations every two days so will summarise their progress weekly. 


Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing half term. Year 5 have already been hard at work and have even made it to University!

We were lucky enough to spend a Morning learning all about University. We explored different areas of University such as; Halls of residence (where we would live), Clubs and Societies (what we could do there) and What Course we could study.

We were very surprised at how much we could do at University and how much it could improve our lives when we are older. A lot of Children were very excited about University already, some even wanted to go there next year!

We will be visiting InterUniversity again in the summer term and we cannot wait!

What are we leaning this half term?

Year 5 and 6

5 – a side Football Tournament

Thursday 28th January saw Team Mansel’s Year 5 and 6 Football team enter a 5 – a side football tournament at Redbridge Community School. Two teams of six players were taken to represent Mansel Park. All the boys showed outstanding sportsman ship and some very skilful play. Overall, Masel A finished 2nd place and Mansel B finished 4th place. A fantastic effort from both teams!

Congratulations to: George Lacey, Cameron Chudley, Spencer Allcroft, Louis Wiseman, Ama Mboue, Riley – Lee Wray, Kai Witt, Lewis Barron, Ben Parker, Scott Palmer, Colin Dabrowa and Garam Lee.


Happy New Year!!

We have already had a very busy start to the term learning all about the Terrible Tudors. We launched our new topic by having a Tudor themed day.

We started by exploring how the Tudors came to power.


Which lead us onto discovering the Tudor monarchy, where we looked at all the Tudor kings and Queens.

We focused on the most famous Tudor King; King Henry the VII. We found out what he was was like as a person.

From this we discovered he had six wives and the reasons for Henry’s divorce and execution of some of his wives.

Our Tudor themed day ended by comparing rich and poor Tudor lifestyles and what their houses are like.


We will be focusing on a Tudor themed book called 'Treason' and children will be completing their own version of the story. The Year 5 teachers are looking forward to seeing the outcomes!


What are we learning this half term?

Independent Learners

Miss Shrubsole and Miss Stevens couldn't believe their eyes when they returned to school after the science museum trip!! Some children, who were unable to join us on the trip, had been set a 'Space Project' to complete during their day at school. The children were planning a trip (so the teachers could out their feet up) to the solar system, they had to consider; what each planet would be like, what we could do there and what we would need to bring. WOW!!!! is an understatement. The projects were amazing and helped us feel less stressed about planning the trip thanks to all their hard work! 

Below are a few examples of the projects completed.




Science Museum


We had a fantastic day visiting the Science Museum in London on Monday!

After a long but exciting journey, we finally arrived and got started with our first activity - Stronger by Design. During this workshop we looked at how Forces play a big part in the construction of bridges and structures (which included making Miss Stevens into a sandwhich!!) 




After our workshop we explored the Museum, specifically looking at Forces, where we walked across a glass bridge which was only being support by wires!! 




Our final part of the day (after a very big lunch!) was focussed on exploring Space! We found out how space has been studied throughout History, was it would be like to be an astronaut, a closer look at the solar system and even saw a piece of the Moon!!






All children were fantastic representatives of Mansel Park Primary and we can't wait for our next exciting trip!

May the Force be with you!

We started this half of term by exploring Forces; Gravity, Friction, Air resistance and Water resistance. We conducted a variety of experiments to improve our understanding of each Force.

Gravity: We measured the weight and mass of different objects  with a newton metre which showed us the measure of how hard gravity is pulling on the object.

We then measured the  mass of an object by using a set of scales, this told us how much matter is in the object.

By placing an object in a bag and hanging the bag from the newton meter, we were able to measure the force of gravity acting on it and found its weight.


Friction: Mr Parker askes us to create a new set of brakes for the skykes. The brakes  needed to make sure the skyke slowed down and stopped safely for the children using them.

We had to find the best material for the brake pads. The best material was the one that created the most friction between the brake pad and the wheel.

Grippy or Slippy?

We carried out an investigation and compared the soles of different shoes to find out which were the most slippery and which have the most grip on different floor surfaces; carpet, wooden laminate and plastic lino.



Air Resistance: We investigated air resistance by making paper spinners and timing them falling to the ground.

To make sure it is a fair test –we decided one thing you will change, number of paper clips on spinner, height spinner falls from or the size of the spinner, and keep all others the same.

We dropped the spinner three times for each time we made a change and then found the average.



Water Resistance: We filled measuring cylinders with water and tested water resistance by dropping classroom objects into water and timing how long it took to fall to the bottom.

We then took two equal pieces of blue—tac and moulded them into different shapes. We tested how streamlined objects fall through the water quicker due to less water resistance.




We will be using the experiment findings to create a persuasive advert for a pair of trainers that we are creating!!

What are we learning this half term?

Viking Collage

Year 5 have been creating collages in Art. We linked this with our topic about Vikings and made these fabulous Longboat collages.

 It took a lot of hard work and concentration, using a combination of skills we had learnt in KS2 so far.

  • We had to refine our painting techniques to mix colours and paint the sky background.
  • The sea was made from different brush strokes to create texture and different painting techniques.
  • The longboats were difficult to draw and we had to practise until we were happy with the result.
  • We create a 3D effect with our sails by sticking the paper slightly curved.

As you can see from our results, we all worked extremely hard and we are very proud of our Longboat Collages.





**Year 5 Sports Ambassadors Announced**

Leaders (Back row): Morgan Mcmahon - Davies, Louis Wiseman, Sophia Coombes and Kieron Wilson 

Deputies (front row): Lewis Barron, Katie Pitman - Davies, Sammy Boyt and Amadou Mboue.

A huge well done to all candidates, who were of a high standard, the decision was not easy as all were more than capable of fulfilling the sports candidate role.


Year 5 have been celebrating Black History Month.

We explored the achievements of influential black men and woman who campaigned for society to become equal.


After researching, we had to produce a fact file on one significant black man or woman from history. Below are some amazing examples:


By Amadou Mboue                                 By Freya Chapman 

Year 5 Sports Ambassador Training.



A group of year 5 children, from both Toucan and Parrot Classes, have shown interest in becoming the next Mansel Park Sports Ambassador. 

The children, who had applied for the role by completing an application form, attended a special selection morning at Newlands Primary school, where they had to participate in team building activities and read a short speech as to why they would be a good sports ambassador and who their sporting inspiration is.             

A HUGE well done to all involved, you were a credit to Mansel Park and it will be a very hard decision to make.



Results will be posted soon!!

No Pens Wednesday in Year 5.

Well, what a day we have had! 

We were very excited about not having to use a pen all day after all the fantastic writing we have been doing. It feels as though we have had a pen in our hand since we returned in September!!

We started the day by TALKING (which we are all very good at!) about different questions and scenarios which were given to us. Below are some examples;


We then became Archaeologists. We carefully excavated our dig site to find some Viking items. We had to analyse the artefacts we found and explain what they were and what it told us about the Vikings.




We finished our very Busy no pens day but making Anglo –

Saxon Brooches. We explored Anglo – Saxon designs and then used cardboard, strong and tin foil to create our brooches. We added acrylic paint for a finishing touch!


What are we learning about this half term?

Year 5 2014-15

So we are approaching the end of the year!  Summer is finally here and hopefully the sun will stay shining to prove it.  This half term we are investigating the Mayan Mystery and also looking at Human Reproduction.


On Thursday 11th June there is an opportunity for parents to come and see the materials we are using for our SRE topic.


We will be going to visit the Beaulieu Treehouse towards the end of the summer term to research rivers and streams, more details will come out to you shortly.



We had an amazing visit to the New Forest Wildlife Park, where pupils got to see a wide variety of animals.  We were incredibly lucky to have the first sightings of a joey kangaroo and stroke a deer.


We had two great tour guides and the pupils were amazingly well behaved and keen to ask questions.

Here you can see how successful our beans were at growing.  I'm hoping that you have been able to plant out your child's bean and will soon be able to have broad beans with your summer salad!

Broad beans


It’s been nice to meet some of you over the recent weeks and I am looking forward to seeing you all properly at parents evening. 

You have probably heard your children talking about the book we are studying – “The Savage”.  All about a boy writing a book about a savage boy, it has a bit of blood and guts which of course the boys are loving!

We are also going to be growing our own broad beans, and fingers crossed film it on a time lapse camera.

Your children are then going to be turned into budding news reporters to write their very own articles for “Mansel Park News”.

We will keep you informed with our progress, so watch this space!

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