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2016-17 Parent Information

Marwell Residential Day 2

Marwell Residential Day 1

Marwell Activity Centre - Monday and Tuesday


Year 6 have all had a fantastic start to their residential this week! The weather was definitely on our side Monday and Tuesday, and the children threw themselves into their activities: kayaking, canoeing, climbing wall, giant swing, quad bikes and aerial adventure to name but a few! The team work and enthusiastic spirit has been really lovely to see.


The food is also a big hit, with cooked breakfast being a highlight so far. No child is at risk of hunger this week! 


This evening whilst we were sat around an amazing campfire, the thunder and lightning decided to start! We went inside in the dry very quickly and for any of us who don't like thunder and lightning we are lucky to have lots of lovely children who were superstar comforters. Luckily it's stopped now and hopefully everyone will have a much earlier night.


We will update this page as often as we can - keep your eyes peeled! Wifi is really slow and pictures are taking a while to process. I am going to try and get this sorted. If not, photos will be uploaded over the weekend when we are back home.

Our secret spy day at Beaulieu Motor Museum

Wednesday 1st March


We had a great day out at Beaulieu that involved looking at vehicles that would be around during the Second World War and learning about life during the War.  In the afternoon we were given a secret mission learning about how spies were sent to Beaulieu for their training and what this training might have involved.

Safer Internet Day - 7.2.2017


Children in Year 6 were set the challenge of designing adverts to inform children how to share information and stay safe on the internet.

Here are 3 of our best entries:


Be the change: Unite for a better Internet!

6BW - Home Learning Exhibition


Thank you to all the family and friends that were able to join us this afternoon to share the fantastic work we have been doing about World War 2.  The children were very proud to share their progress and learning.  We were really impressed with the standard of home learning projects and the effort that has been put into these.

6BW Into University Week - Friday


Our final day with Into University was amazing. We had such a good time being shown around the campus at Southampton. It was exciting to see how much was there to support the students who had moved away from home.


6BW were fantastically behaved and enjoyed a brilliant graduation ceremony. The children performed some fantastic presentations and looked awesome in their cap and gowns.


The class managed to get enough team points to win a class prize and Team HMS Beagle were the winning team overall. Each child from the team got an extra prize to take home too.

6BW Into University Week - Thursday Wristband winners


The winners of the wristbands today were:








Congratulations to these children for standing out with the good behaviour and focus they have demonstrated. Some of these children were also recognised for constantly aiming high.

6BW Into University Week - Thursday


Today we spent the morning focused on our future ambitions. We learnt about how there are around 50,000 university courses offered across the country! 


We had to complete an A-Z race identifying all of the different courses you could take using the prospectuses from different universities. 


The whole class the made a leaf to add to a bare tree. The leaf had an explanation of what each child wanted to be when they grow up, where they might go on to study and what they need to do in order to get there.


In the afternoon we continued with our secret mission! We are all really looking forward to graduation tomorrow. 

6BW Into University Week - Wednesday Wristband winners


The winners of the wristbands today were:






Congratulations to these children for standing out with the good behaviour they show.

6BW Into University Week - Wednesday


Today was spent learning more about evolution and comparing the modern human skeleton to the skeleton of a chimpanzee. This morning we looked at the different University courses we would recommend to Charles Darwin, we took part in a quiz about evolution and had a go at being paleontologists searching for bones.  This afternoon we continued with our secret mission. 

6BW Into University week - Wristband winners for Tuesday


The winners for the wristbands on Tuesday were:






A massive well done to these children for demonstrating the high expectations.

6BW Into University Week Tuesday – On the Farm


The weather was on our side today and we enjoyed a brilliant day at Down to Earth Farm in the sunshine – even if it was a little muddy underfoot!

This morning we were introduced to a range of animals including a gecko, bearded dragons, a corn snake, a blue-tongued skink, cockroaches, stick insects, a millipede (with 264 legs!) and an African pygmy hedgehog. Being brave, we were able to handle the animals and even watched some eat the live crickets. After this we went outside to investigate the farm animals, we were introduced to two large friendly pigs and watched them enjoy their large muddy puddles. Inside the rabbit area we were all given the opportunity to handle the friendly rabbits, before we fed the cow, sheep and goats. After lunch we did some more research into one of the animals on the farm and investigated how they have evolved to suit the environment they live in.

6BW Into University Week - Wristband winners


Every day the staff at Into University award wristbands to children that show the high expectations expected of them during the week.  These include: Aiming High, being respectful and being focused.

The winners for Monday were:





A massive well done to these children for their effort!

6BW Into University Week - Monday


It was the first day of our science week at Into University. We began the day with some team games before beginning a carousel of activities based on our topic of evolution. During the carousel, we learned who Charles Darwin was and his importance in history, we investigated how life would be without the use of our thumbs, and we thought about other ways us - as humans - could evolve and learned about the Galapagos Islands. After lunch, we were introduced to our secret mission and started work to complete this for the end of the week.

6BW Into University Week - Monday

Into University - Graduation Day!


On our last day, we all went to the University of Southampton! 

When we arrived, we were shown around the Highfield Campus by 4 student ambassadors. They were very knowledgeable and helped us understand the different courses that were available and what life was like at university. We learnt lots of amazing facts, such as; one of the buildings is shaped like a turtle, there are over 3 million books in the library and that there is a cat who lives in the Student Union building!


After lunch, we got dressed into our robes and mortar boards, and presented our learning to the audience. All of the groups did really well and were proud of share and celebrate their week of hard work. 

Into University Day 3

Into University - Day One

Today was the first day of our science week at Into University!

We learnt lots our around topic, including who Charles Darwin was and what events happened leading up to his proposal of the Theory of Evolution. 

We had an morning of interesting carousel activities, followed by the launch of our Secret Mission in the afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled for more details...

Into University Day 1

6OH Reading Card Champion

During Autumn 2, Miss Humphries ran an in-class competition to see who could read and fill in the most reading cards. The winner would get the choice of a gigantic chocolate bar.


The winner this half term was.....DANNY! 


Let's see who will win this half term!

Role Play in English


Year 6 have been reading 'There's a boy in the girls' bathroom' by Louis Sachar. A story about a young boy named Jeff, who starts a new school and meets Bradley (the school bully). We are exploring the feelings and emotions of the characters, whilst using the text to justify our thoughts.


In one lesson we took part in the role play of a fight scene from the book. This focused on Melinda punching Bradley in the face and the thoughts and feelings surrounding this. Take a look at our freeze frames.




Characteristics of Learning


As part of our 'Superhero Day', we worked on Comfort Chatter Boxes to help us survive emotional turmoil! We talked about negative emotions we might feel, such as anger, sadness, loneliness and jealously. These can affect our friendships, our families and our education. We then talked about ways we can overcome these feelings and make ourselves feel better.

The children were real Captain Can Dos when it came to making a cube out of a net or a chatter box by folding card carefully!


Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits


A massive WELL DONE to Year 6 for their fantastic effort putting on our end of year production. This year, the show was called 'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits' and it went down a treat.

Thank you to parents and family members for coming to watch - the children loved performing it for you!


Bongo BanditsFlossy Baba and Genie of the KetchupPrincess Satsuma, Humphrey and Ali Baba

Summer Fair!


Year 6's worked on making delicious chocolate truffles to sell.

They were really easy - all we had to do was melt the chocolate, add some flavouring, roll them into small truffle shapes and them leave them to cool.

It make a lot of mess, but not one we minded clearing up this time!


We ended up making 7 different types: mint chocolate, chocolate orange, salted caramel, dark chocolate, plain chocolate, white chocolate and white chocolate & coconut.


They sold well too, which was a surprise considering Miss Humphries could not stop eating them whilst waiting for customers!



The Making of Chocolate Truffles

Year 6 World War 2 Exhibition


On Wednesday 10th February, Year 6 invited their families and Year 5 to come and see our work from this half term!


We have been working hard on our writing (linked to our topic of WW2), understood some tricky fraction skills and improved our reading skills - and we couldn't wait to show this off!


We also sent home a project, which was to research and find out about Anderson Shelters. Mr Balicki, Miss Humphries and Mrs Bowers were really impressed with the effort that was put in to these projects! Well done!

Southampton City Mission - Basics Banks


On Friday 13th November, children in Year 6 were able to see what happens to all of the food collected during the Harvest Festival.


We went to the Southampton City Mission warehouse, and were stunned to see how much food they store! We had a little job of sorting all the food that is collected from school and supermarkets into their categories.


From here, the food is sent to one of five special places where families in need are able to go and pick up enough food to feed them for 5 days. We went to a local church to see how they store the food and then bag it up.


We all agreed that it was a fantastic opportunity and it made us think about how lucky we are!

Day 4 - Finishing Projects

Animals and Habitats


Today was our first day of our Focus Week with Into University. 

During the morning we were put into four teams: Desert, Ocean, Rainforest and Polar.  We then did a carousel of four activities which enabled us to learn about adaptations of animals.


Activity 1: Whale Blubber

Activity 2: Classification Keys

Activity 3: Life without thumbs

Activity 4: Recognising animals and their habitats


After lunch, we started our secret mission (sssssssssh!).

You will find out more about this at our Graduation on Friday 6th November from 1pm - 2pm.

You should have received a special invitation in a gold envelope. Please talk to your classteacher if this has gone missing. 

Day 1: Into University

A new age of bloggers!

For the first time ever, our Year 6 children have created their own online blogs! Before we started on this new adventure, we first learnt about our digital footprints and the importance of keeping ourselves safe online.


As we are reading There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, a book about a boy starting a new school (and accidentally finding his way into a place he shouldn't have been), we have planned a blog entry about A Day In The Life... Many children have decided to write about their experiences of Year 6 so far and some have chosen to write about the teaching and learning of Mansel Park now compared to when their own parents were at school!


We are currently in the drafting and editing phase, but we will let you know when they are ready to be published!

E-Safety and Blogging!

WELL DONE to our Y6 Imagine the Future Ambassadors


This lovely team of 6 children represented Mansel Park at the Imagine the Future morning.  They spent a fantastic morning in four different workshops looking at their future in Southampton.  

University of Southampton 


On Tuesday 23rd June, Year 6 went to Southampton University!

First we had a tour of the campus where we saw a few of the places that students can learn, and also places where the students can have fun!


After being shown the impressive maths seminar room, we talked about all the different courses that the University of Southampton offers, and how they can help us with the jobs we might like to do in the future. 


Next, we had a mini archaeology lecture, "What Makes Us Human?"

We got to investigate lots of different skulls that show the evolution of man.


Finally, we had a mini graduation, where we were presented with a certificate! It was a lot of fun, and we can't wait to be students for real!

University of Southampton Graduation

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 4 and 5!



  • Kayaking
  • Night Line (blindfolded walk)
  • Climbing Wall
  • Milk Crates
  • Knock Out!


Evening Activity

  • Camp Fire with roasted marshmellows



  • Roast Chicken or Tomato Pasta Bake
  • Chocolate Brownie

Marwell Activity Centre Day 4 and 5

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 3!



  • Canoeing
  • Giant Swing
  • Team Building
  • Raft Building
  • Trapeze


Evening Activity

  • Film night



  • Chicken Curry or Sausage and Mash
  • Chocolate Cake

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 3

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 2!



  • Rifle range
  • Assault Course
  • Archery
  • Team Building
  • Aerial Adventure 


Evening Activity

  • Quiz Night
  • Soft Play in the Adventure Barn



  • Pasta Bolognese, Chicken Goujons or Cheesy beans on toast

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 2

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 1!



  • Wayfaring (exploring the site!)
  • Aerial Adventure (in the trees)
  • Trapeze 
  • Archery


Evening Activity

  • French vs English (invasion game)

Congratulations France - victory was ours!



  • Chicken Stir Fry or Lasagne
  • Popcorn Cake

Marwell Activity Centre - Day 1

Natural History Museum - Wednesday 11th March 2015

Internet Safety!

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Christmas Fair

Still image for this video
Year 6 designed and made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Santa baubles to sell at the Christmas Fair.
Check out our amazing advert...
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